Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

steve potts content2

just a different version

steve potts 2nd try

steve potts contents

here are a couple of content page attempts. I realize that the logo has to be substituted with the one Veronica is currently working on, but i think you can get my idea.

Tyson contri. page comp.

Here's my idea for the contribution page keeping the 3 column grid, having the content take up 2 columns and an ad in the third. I wanted it to have an organized grid look but with design elements that loosen it up a little for the target audience. The last two word bubbles need Veronica and Steve's photos and the content of the paragraphs needs editing. What do you think Veronica, Steve?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wallstrom team#3 Magazine Cover

Here is another comp for the cover.


Wallstrom team#3 Magazine Cover

I made the changes we were talking about in class. The masthead is orange and black and I also added the barcode, price and more features. I moved the tag line (which isn't the final tag line), and I also changed the background color to complement the logo.


Wallstrom team#3 Logo

I made some changes to the logo. It is now thicker and orange/black. What do you think, Tyson and Steve?


team 1 cover

Color correctin on previous post

Team one- Graphic Standards

Jessica Barrameda-grid

Stephen Harris


cover comp

Kyle n Nam (cover concepts n masthead final)

Nam and Kyle


Colors are off

Cover Comp

Trying to go with the cubicle idea, being the first issue it can be really simple and clean

Ken's City to City Cover

Tony Wheeler



new spread

title comp....

New Layout

Mast Head

Hey this the masthead

Double Double Trouble

Type, Package Tag, bowchickabowwow.

Jessica Barrameda

2005 spread

here is my first semi comp on my spread.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cover comps

Here are my 2 cover comps.

Wallstrom team#3 Magazine Cover

Here is my cover. I thought the first issue of AQ could be about music. I made some tweaks to "AQ" but lets work more on it in class tomorrow.

I'm going to be a little late to class. I'm driving my cousin an his girlfriend to the airport in the morning. So I'll see you around 9.


AQ masthead logo

Hopefully this will load this time, a more finalized masthead trying to work with placement of text for the title and or tag line. 

mock cover for AQ

here is an idea for the AQ cover.

I think the theme for a main article is obvious, i think it could work pretty well.
Just wanted to put it out there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

can't post

I don't know why it didn't attach my image.

not happening

Help, i can't seem to upload images, it always cuts me off!!!!!

logo ideas

Just a couple of versions of the AQ logo.

Tried different line width on the A and matched the width of the Q band to match.


Steve Potts

Hi design team 2 and specifically group3.
Finally made it on and hope to post a mock cover by end today.

Cover Idea

Sub-head: "Your quarterly guide to traveling under-the-radar in Southern California"