Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kris / Week 9 / City to City

Ken City to City Qualcomm Week 9

Nancy Lutz : Revision : Contributors

Updated with revised layout and bios.

Ken City to City Petco Park Week 9

Nancy Lutz : Week 9 : Second page

Week 9 - Jessica Barrameda

Ken City to City Week 9

Nancy Lutz : Week 9 : EDIT

Sorry, the last post wasn't the most recent version.

Kyle Klemetsrud Recess Game Spread

LUIS: template for accrodean fold

Billy VanProoyen

three new spreads

Tyson AQ college article

Here is the next 3-page spread, I have a different one that is more refined but this is the jist of it.

Nancy Lutz : Week 9

jonis perez

Stephen Harris-Spread 3

Jose Plascencia week 9 Qbicle

Third spread

Jose Plascencia week 9 Qbicle

3rd spread

Angela week 9 (general idea)

Rusty Lindley_spread 3 WIP lolzzzzz

Jackie Encyclopedia spreads

Peter Delgado 2005 book week 9


Jackie Encyclopedia spreads

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

steve potts AQ wk9

Hey guys,
i am currently reworking the spreads. I finally purchased and downloaded the font for the body copy, so i am working that into the layouts. I will have them finished by Thurs, except for some editing stuff possibly.
Drop me a line if you need to.